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We are in the process of opening up.

This site will be an 'excitement' site. Great buys, great beads, unusual things.
For now, It will be updated about every two months. Visit for daily updates, and up-to-the-minute excitement!

Also, there is, which will be a holiday bonus site for our customers. We haven't quite got the kinks worked out, but for now, all DECEMBER reciepts will count towards the Christmas Bonus Bucks. Most likely, you'll get 1 point for each $ spent, and the points will translate into additional savings, "green stamp" like bonuses, or similar.

  • First 10 days of December reciepts will get 3 points for every dollar.
  • Days 11 through 20 will get 2 points for every dollar.
  • Days 21 through 31 will get 1 point for each dollar

Silver prices are going up, so shopping early will lock in your best discounts. We are told the price increase may be significant.!! We will be Three Years open to the public soon, and as the little boy who lived across the street from us would say, we'll be "Free Years Old". Our birthday, your savings, if you've party'd with us all along! Like Christmas Bonus Bucks, your reciepts from December 2004 through April 2005 will count towards your "presents."

You can find Bali Sterling beads and wire, Swarovski Crystals, Gemstones in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and varieties - from A+++ to tumble grade -- and much, much more in the way of glass, bone and metal beads, fibers for stringing, beading wire and findings, displays and earring pieces, as well as some of the best support, encouragement and help of any bead shop any where!

Finishing help (crimping or finding attachment) is always free!

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